Your Next Vacation

Your Next Vacation

Your Next Vacation

Expedicion en mi Casa

Sooooo, this is what lock-down is like.Actually. I’m not there yet. I actually work in a food factory during my day, before donning the mask and cape for A Guide to Cardinia… or something like that.  However, that’s coming soon, as the factory increases it’s normal high standards to go well beyond to ensure everyone is safe. Which means I will have more time with my kids… and you!

Now, I’ve been wanting to take a holiday for a while now  (heh, oh well, maybe next year) but we’ll get to that in a moment.It’s an absolute delight to see all the many and varied activities being suggested out there to keep the kids entertained, and the parents sane (and mostly without screens – yay!) From Teddy Bear Hunts to board games, puzzles, quizzes and more. It’s fantastic.

And the memes and jokes…! OK, I’m a little over them, but some still manage a smile. Or, a thought, like the one featured here:Your Next Vacation

I saw that and thought… why not?I’ve done a little travel, and am looking forward to doing more one day – probably in Australia – there’s so much to see and do here. But in the meantime…

So, how about we all take a holiday? Pick a room. Do it up as your destination of choice and give it a name. Snap a picture and send it in, and I’ll find a prize or two for the best efforts. And this isn’t for the kids only, either – but it really should be PG 😉 I’ll leave that with you… I’m off to pack for my trip to “La Cama Dorada” 😉


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